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We are experienced Infra & DevOps engineers who help you Optimize, Automate and Modernise your infrastructure by implementing Infra as Code.

Why Groundworkz?

We're Personal

What separates humans from machines is our personality. Our capability to really care and be creative is something that makes us unique as humans.

At GroundWorkz we cherish diversity and personality and therefore focus on the person inside the professional. We help you become the better you.

Interested on what your professional and personal future at GroundWorkz could look like?

We're Proud

Yes, we are very proud on what we accomplish! We take pride on what we deliver with our customers & partners. Proud of how we realize our individual and company goals.

Being proud means that you truly care about the outcome. At Groundworkz we make sure you as customer and partner share in our pride. As hungry Engineers we look forward for some nice IaC challenges so we can add you to our Proud Customer list.

We Care

Besides caring for the business aspects of our customers, our partners and our own company, we care about the future of the next generations.

Most of us have children in primary and secondary schools. Our expertise and drive and passion motivate us to volunteer our spare time to teach children programming essentials at schools.

We do this to make more children enthusiastic about our profession, revel in the fun of it and try to close the gap of our future IT engineering shortage.

Our Fundament Services

What do we Master

We have expertise in nearly any on-premise infrastructure tools as well as modern scripting languages, pipeline tooling and monitoring solutions.

  • 01- Cloud deployment ( Terraform, ARM, Bicep, Cloudformation, CDK)

  • 02- Infra deploy(Chef, Puppet, Ansible)

  • 03- Container Management (Kubernetes, EKS, AKS, Docker)

  • 04- IT Infrastructure (VMware, CISCO, HPE, F5, CITRIX)

  • 05- Cloud ( AWS , AZURE)

  • 06- DevOps Pipeline ( Jenkins, AzureDevOps, Gitlab..ect)

  • 07- Monitoring ( Splunk, New Relic, Dynatrace)

Contact Us

Contact Details

Please reach out for any question about jobs or our expertise.

Niels Oldenburger | Owner & Founder | +31 621 681 045
Tractieweg 41 studio E | Utrecht | The Netherlands
Email: niels@groundworkz.nl